Award Finalists

Undergraduate Oral Presentation
Using Big Data to Develop Price Insurance for Farmers in Ghana, by Sean O'Grady, School of Arts and Sciences (Economics)

“Back then we were heroes, today we’re murderers”: Anglo-Polish Historical Memory in Holocaust Film, by Joslyn Felicijan, School of Arts and Sciences (History)

Graduate Oral Presentation
From Ramla with Love? Unwinding the Textual History of Simeon of Beth Arsham’s Letter on the Ḥimyarite Martyrs, by Brett LaPrad, School of Arts and Sciences (Semitic and Egyptian Languages and Literatures)

Combating the Persistence and Increasing Antibiotic Resistance in Biofilms with a High Throughput Calcium Alginate Hydrogel Assay, by 
Le Hoang Phu Pham, School of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering); Collaborators: Hao Wang, Sangwon Lee, Yi Wang, Kenneth S. Phillips, Food and Drug Administration

Ph.D. Poster Presentation
Research Sharing Access Control Based on Hyperledger Composer Blockchain, by Afnan Alniamy, School of Engineering (Computer Science)

Determining The Role of Mechanical Stress in Breast Cancer Cells Invasion, by Hanadi Alqosiri, School of Engineering (Biomedical Engineering)

Master's Poster Presentation

The Effects of Mindfulness in Development: The Transition from Adolescence to Young Adulthood, by 
Megan Hut, School of Arts and Sciences (Psychology)
Collaborators: Kathryn A. Degnan, CUA; Thomas O. Minker, West Virginia

The Role of Emotional Reactivity in a Resilience-based Group Therapy, by Hannah Repke, School of Arts and Sciences (Psychology); Collaborators: Tram Nguyen, Christopher Senior, Mary K Alvord

Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Sowing the Seeds of Faith in the New World: Evangelization and the Land in the Writings of 17th Century French Missionaries in New France, by Nathan Ledoux, School of Arts and Sciences (French and Francophone)

A Proposal for a Sustainable School in Arlington County, by Emily Navarro, Maria Short and Mara Walsh, School of Architecture and Planning (Architecture)

Anisotropic Magnetoresistive Sensor to Monitor Post-Surgical Contractility of Pediatric Hearts, by 
Daniel Ennis, Sabrina Scott and Yousef Sindi, School of Engineering (Biomedical Engineering)

The Effect of Exuberance on Social Behavior in Middle Childhood, by Michela Caffrey and Rachel Carafello, School of Arts and Sciences (Psychology); Collaborator: Sarah Kravitz

That Monstrous Regiment: John Knox's Struggle Under the Reign of Mary Stuart, by Aly Senko, School of Arts and Sciences (History)