Congratulations to the 2024 University Research Day award winners! Read about the winning posters and presentations, or scroll down to watch a recording of the 2024 awards ceremony. 

Oral Presentations

Best oral presentation, doctoral:

Psychopathology Symptoms and Quality of Life in CUA Undergraduates Before, During, and “After” Covid-19

  • Nathalie Volpicelli, Arts & Science (Psychology), PhD student
  • Collaborators: Marcie Goeke-Morey, Ph.D.
  • Advisor: Marcie Goeke-Morey, Ph.D.

Finalists, oral presentation, doctoral:

Designing a Bacteriophage-based, Universal Flu Vaccine by CRISPR Engineering

  • Ayobami Awe, Arts & Science (Biology), PhD student
  • Collaborators: Jarin Taslem-Mourosi, Jingen Zhu and Venigalla B Rao
  • Advisor: Venigalla B Rao

Emotional Profiles Among College Students Experiencing Suicidal Ideation: A Latent Profile Analysis

  • Ethan Graure, Arts & Science (Psychology), PhD student
  • Collaborators: René M. Lento, PhD; Josephine S. Au, PhD; & David A. Jobes, PhD
  • Advisor: Dr. David Jobes

Opioid Tapering in Older Adults

  • Carolyn Concia, Nursing, PhD student

Best oral presentation, masters:

Mary and the Head of Her Enemy

  • Sr. Theresa Joseph Nguyen, Theology and Religious Studies (Biblical Studies),
    Masters student
  • Advisor: Dr. Bradley Gregory

Finalists, oral presentation, masters:

Brain Tumor Detection: A Hybrid Transformer-Based Approach

  • Sandeep Shiraskar, Engineering (Electrical Engineering), Masters student
  • Collaborators: Sandeep Shiraskar, Dr. Dominic Rizk, Alireza Omidi
  • Advisor: Dr. Dominic Rizk

Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Electric Vehicle Adoption Rates at the County Level in the United States

  • Michael Graham-Cornell, Engineering (Electrical and Computer Science), Masters student
  • Advisor: Dr. Lin-Ching Chang

Best oral presentation, undergraduates:

Spinal Suspension System for Prosthetic Arm

  • Daniel Zhao, Louis Nwuha, Abigail Post, Maria Hargrave, Nathan Ford, Sean Farrelly: Engineering (Biomedical Engineering), Undergraduate
  • Advisor: Alessandro Vato

Finalists, oral presentation, undergraduates:

The PRC’s Internazionale Milano: Chinese Business Dynamics in International Football Investments

  • Mikaela Culp, Arts & Science (Modern Languages), Undergraduate
  • Collaborators: Chloe Masaitis, Marco Di Pietro
  • Advisor: Yung Yung Chang
Potentially Poisonous Prescriptions
  • Benjamin Rees, Arts & Science (Biology), Undergraduate
  • Collaborator: Mariliz Colon
  • Advisor: Dr. John Choy
Reconciliation of Existentialism and Christian Metaphysics: Analysis of Albert Camus's

absurdism through St. Augustine's writing

  • Marta Bystrowska, Arts & Science (Politics), Undergraduate
  • Advisor: Thomas Holman


Best poster, doctoral:

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists’ (CRNA) Perceived Ease and Usefulness of Video Laryngoscopes for Endotracheal Intubation of Surgical Patients with Difficult Airways

  • Uwe Klemm, Conway School of Nursing (Nursing), PhD Student
  • Advisor: Dr. Joyce Johnson (research chair)

Finalists, poster, doctoral:

A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Hope and Hopelessness: Understanding Suicide Ideation from a Positive Perspective

  • Marian Ruiz, School of Arts and Sciences (Psychology), PhD Student
Self esteem and the experience of period poverty
  • Lauren Bahr, National Catholic School of Social Service, PhD Student
Confidential Compassion: The Role of the Confessional in Frontline Suicide Prevention
  • John Paul Ryan, School of Arts and Sciences (Psychology), PhD Student
  • Collaborator: Luis Garcia Abundis; Kate Janczyk
  • Advisor: David Jobes

Best poster, masters:

The Role of Emotion Regulation in Anxious Youth

  • Mary Fallon, School of Arts and Sciences (Psychology), Master's Student
  • Collaborator: Dr. Brendan Rich
  • Advisor: Dr. Brendan Rich

Finalist, poster, masters:

Exploring the Impact of Episodic Future Thinking on Anxiety Symptoms in College Students with ADHD

  • Giannina Combe, School of Arts and Sciences (Psychology), Master's Student
  • Advisor: Brendan Rich

Best poster, undergrad:

Electromechanical Properties of Distal Electrofabricated Chitosan Membrane crosslinked with Cu2+

  • Maria Erquiaga, Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Collaborators: Emma Wallace, Iriana Garcia-Guerra, Binh Hoang, Claire Wang (UMD), Priscilla Ye (Cornell University), Long Duong, Dr. Jandro Abot, Dr. Chuan-Fu Lin, Dr. Xiaolong Luo 
  • Advisor: Dr. Xiaolong Luo

Finalists, poster, undergrad:

Rotary Kite Wind Turbine

  • Ethan Kerr, Michael Dougherty, Matthew Dietl, Payton Seppala, School of Engineering, Undergraduate Student
Is Low Temperature Extrapolation of Stage III Glass Leaching Occurrence Valid?
  • Avery Pilot, School of Arts and Sciences (Chemistry), Undergraduate Student
  • Collaborators: Isabelle Muller, Konstantin Gilbo
  • Advisor: Isabelle Muller
The Association between Inhibitory Control Processes and Risk Taking Behaviors in College Students
  • Kelly Schoener, School of Arts and Sciences (Psychology), Undergraduate Student
  • Collaborators: Kelly Schoener, Jennifer Meigs, Ena Sullivan, Kyunghun Lee, Reut Naim, Melissa A Brotman, & Elise Cardinale
  • Advisor: Dr. Elise Cardinale